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Posted September 7, 2012 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
The “I Have Nothing to Wear” Dillemma:

Every career girl has that moment when she’s getting ready for work and walks to her closet only to realize that she has nothing to wear.We repeat this process day after day. And every day, we’re shocked and puzzled that we can’t find something to wear.  You think to yourself, “Didn’t I just go shopping?” or “There is no possible way I wore all these items in the last week, so how can I have nothing to wear?”

The reality is, we all have items that we choose to wear only one way. Once you wear it that way, you don’t wear it again….ever. For me, I’ll wear it again in a couple of weeks, but exactly the same way I wore it before. I was choosing not to wear items in different ways, just like so many women are. For instance, my black and white cardigan with my black pencil skirt became a staple. But could it be that maybe, just maybe, I could actually wear the same cardigan with….a green skirt? Or jeans? Or even, dare I say it…a grey pencil skirt?

I changed my thinking and began to look for different ways to wear one item. With this great revelation, I started noticing great combinations in my closet and I created so many options for work that I needed to write them down. And I’m here to let you know that you can too! You can find great outfits everyday in your closet that are new and stylish, and getting dressed for work can actually be fun. Looking at my closet differently has not stopped me from purchasing more items, unfortunately, but it has made me think of new ways to wear the items I already own.

Introducing: 1 Item 3 Ways

If you’re staring at your closet every day with “nothing to wear,” then 1 Item 3 Ways is for you.  I hope these posts will inspire you to look at your own closet for new ideas or take ideas that you’ve seen here and apply them to your own wardrobe. Women everywhere wear many hats, and I look forward to bringing you options that work in many different work environments from conservative to creative.



1 Item 3 Ways: Black Peplum Top
Cardigan, $56 / H&M v neck cardigan, $40 / Black cardigan / Peplum shirt / Jason Wu jersey skirt, $865 / AllSaints super skinny jeans / Mango mid rise jeans / Tory Burch shoes, $270 / Christian Louboutin high heel shoes / Madewell leopard flat / Banana Republic jewelry / Juliet & Company pearl jewelry / Kate Spade jewelry / ASOS cat jewelry / Chain jewelry

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