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Posted November 27, 2013 by Rebecca Niziol in Life After Five

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The holidays are upon us. As we slip out of work and into our seats around the feast filled table (and maybe into sweatpants after that), gratitude is the theme du jour. We spend a day focused on what we’re thankful for, celebrating the goodness of our lives with loved ones, and have some well deserved time lying on the couch post foodgasm.

Picturesque holiday homes, sweet and tender family moments, heart warming gifts, and relaxing days off typically turn into too many people packed into one house, mixed agendas, miscommunications, and unmet needs or expectations resulting in frustration and/or disappointment. So basically… stress. The season of stress is upon us.

The holidays have all the right ingredients to create an avalanche of stress that dumps on you, and then keeps snowballing until you crash. We typically experience a state of stress under adverse or very demanding circumstance, like trying to buy gifts for 20 people in jam packed stores. We also experience it when things don’t go according to plan (your flight to Hawaii is cancelled due to snow) or you don’t get what you want (you mean your family bickering again isn’t peaceful?). But do the holidays have to be this way again this year?

I don’t think so.

Meet smallchangeBIGshift. It is an in the moment stress tool that helps you to get back into the present moment, back in control of your thoughts and feelings, and back to being you (without all the stress).

Once you know the smallchangeBIGshift process, it’s time to put it into action in your own life. What are you stressed about? Get clear. Then make a shift, get your thoughts and energy back into alignment with what you want. And finally, share: talk about your struggle, the shift you made, and the results you got.

The holidays are inherently stressful, if you let them be. So why not be proactive and do something different this year? Join me for the smallchangeBIGshift December Challenge. Commit to 30 days of shifting and sharing, and receive incredible support from the community. Check out all the information, and sign up here.

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