10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Career

Posted March 27, 2013 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

We’re all waiting for that Spring weather to appear. And when it does, we will naturally want to throw open the windows once again, strapping on the rubber globes and giving our homes that good cleaning it’s needed for a while. But is “Spring Cleaning” your house  enough?

From Forbes.com, we find “10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Career.” You should absolutely read all 10. Here’s our favorite:

Update your résumé

Replace hackneyed expressions like “strong team player” and “possess organizational skills” with strong, active verbs that demonstrate results. Whenever possible, use numbers to document your performance. Instead of saying “Managed a team of three” say “Managed a team of three employees who interacted with clients and had a 100% client retention rate over two years.” Include keywords related to your skills and background, since many big companies use computers to screen résumés for phrases, like “analyst” or “financial modeling.” Have a friend double-check your résumé for spelling and grammatical errors. And always be honest.

Someday, someone will hand you a job opportunity when you’re not looking, and you’ll pull an all-nighter updating your resume. Instead, refresh it every few months like this article suggests and you’ll be at the ready for any huge break you might get.

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