15 Unique Job Boards to Help You Find Your Next Gig

Posted April 4, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

We recently shared a revolutionary new way to look at your job search from Lindsey Pollack at Harvard Business Review. Pollack’s way of “Curating Your Job Search” encourages job seekers to find the best job boards and resources in their field and effectively create a resource closet with which to pull from in looking for the most appropriate jobs in your field.

But how exactly do you find these search engines? Well, for some industries, the answer comes today from Brazen Careerist and their article, “15 Unique Job Boards to Help You Find Your Next Gig.” Here, you may find job board you didn’t already know about – boards that are sector specific, industry specific, and even specific to the way you want to apply for a job. Want to apply online? Via Twitter? It’s all available on the right job search board.

Peruse Brazen Careerist’s phenomenal list of job boards by clicking here now.

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