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17 Things To Boost Your Career Right Now

Posted November 18, 2013 by Christie Mims in On the Ladder
Christie Mims is an expert career coach who is trying to bring you just a little bit more career happiness in your day (that doesn’t involve donuts). Read on for more!
  1. Grab someone in your network and go out to lunch. Choose someone new and different every week, and focus simply on connecting (and getting out of your office!).  This will, of course, really build your network.  And, food. Yay!
  2. Ask for a raise.
  3. Prior to asking for a raise, research the number you want, know exactly why you deserve that number, and then (and this is the critical bit), practice saying that number out loud in front of the mirror.  If you don’t believe it, keep practicing until you do!
  4. Commit next month to learning one new skill – something that is both a stretch (slightly scary) and of interest to you.  Something that you will focus on a little bit every day for a month that will serve you now, and potentially in the future as well. You can do it!
  5.  Make your desk a place you want to be. Spend a few minutes cleaning it, organizing it, and making it pretty.
  6. Find an article you love about your industry and share it.
  7. Write an article about something you are interested in (ideally in your industry) and share it on Linked In.
  8. Attend one interesting conference or networking event, and commit to having three real conversations with someone new while there.
  9. Follow up with those three people. Ask them to lunch!
  10. Take on a project at work that is out of your comfort zone.  If it scares you a little bit, all the better.
  11. Update your Linked In profile, and add something with a little bit of flair. A new interest, an article, a personal story that is relevant to your work.
  12. When a problem comes up at your next meeting, ask “what is the opportunity here?” out loud.  See what that does to the meeting.
  13. Lead with your mission when you meet someone, not with your job.  Example: “I help women fall in love with their work.” versus “I’m a career coach.”
  14. Take your boss out for coffee.
  15. Tell someone in great detail why the work they did was outstanding.  Instead of: “You did a great job” try “You did a great job, the work was well-written, delivered early, and well under budget. Thank you.”
  16. Step back and see what your feedback did for that person (and for you!).
  17. Anytime you walk into a difficult meeting, a scary situation, a new challenge, or simply sit down at your desk, tell yourself: “I am enough

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Christie Mims

Christie Mims is The Radical Fairy Godmother to the Woman Trapped in Her Suit. A job reinvention specialist, she is a certified professional career and transition coach with a background working for Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Defense, and large Federal agencies. As a former business unit director in a top consulting firm, she has been there, done that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes. So, while she knows that career transition is hard, it doesn’t have to be lonely! Feeling stuck in your suit? Grab her free job UNstuck kit over at www.therevolutionaryclub.com! (That is also where she keeps her sage career wisdom AND a side sass). It’s time to make your career happy!