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Posted December 4, 2013 by Rebecca Niziol in Life After Five
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To honor a yearly tradition, the time has come to sit down and review the Must Reads of 2013. From laugh out loud hilarity to game changing vulnerability, you’ll get a peek into what’s been gracing my bookshelves (yes, I still read old school hard copy books). Note: These books were not necessarily published in 2013, but all hold immense value and are still totally relevant now.

If you’ve been living under a rock, and missed Brene Brown’s touching TED talk on shame last year, then catch up with her newest release on courage and vulnerability…

Dare Greatly


Daring Greatly by Brene Brown – This is one of those books that you want to highlight every line of. It is jam packed with deep wisdom, heart felt truths, and a big dose of humility from Brown. Expect to look at your own insecurities, and those of others, in a whole new light… a light of compassion. You’ll look at vulnerability as one of your greatest strengths in relationships, personal development, and yes even work.


Heads up: You’ll want to come back to this book again and again… because you’ll find something new in it every time.



If money is something you struggle with, and you’re looking for a different way to manage your money pick up…

EoMThe Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. – This book goes right to the source of the problem. By uncovering some of your limiting patterns, beliefs, and fears around money and scarcity you’ll be able to move some of the biggest blocks stopping you from living like the lady baller you want to be. Complete with built in exercises, you’ll be encouraged to work through your own money drama as you read… so expect to take your time with this one.


Heads up: This is a look at money from a spiritual or energetic standpoint. If you’re not into that sort of thing, check out anything by Barbara Stanny.



If you’re looking for a sweet literary escape from the responsibilities of adulthood, cozy up with this new

Divergent The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth – This dsytopian thriller has all the right ingredients: extremely well developed main characters, coming of age adventure and challenge, with just the right amount of fantasy and romance. Think Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Hunger Games with a dash of 1984. The series is set in Chicago in the future, so if you’re privy to the city’s biggest landmarks it’s fun to imagine them in this strange way. Divergent is easy to get lost in for a day or two, so pick it up on a cold day when you’ve got some time to dive into the five factions.


Heads up: I’m pretty sure this book would fall in the “young adult” category (like Twilight and the rest). But who doesn’t like an fun easy read?


If you want to laugh your head off in that “I’m laughing at you, not with you” kind of way, A. J. Jacobs makes it really easy with…

DDHDrop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs – In an effort to achieve bodily perfection, Jacobs takes you on a hilarious journey through his physical transformation successes and flops (and there are way more flops). If you’ve ever tried an extreme diet or out there fitness regimen that went bust, you’ll enjoy giggling at his witty take on the experience as you re-live your own. Drop Dead Healthy is a fresh breathe of air amidst the super serious health books out there. Why not learn a few things as your tone your abs with laughter?


Heads up: Jacobs is known for his radical honesty that can offend at times if you don’t have the same sense of humor (check out: I Think You’re Fat, if you want to see what I mean).



If you feel the pressure to “be brilliant on a moments notice” and want to stay on top of your game creatively read….

TACThe Accidental Creative by Todd Henry – In a world where it feels like there are conflicting requests (be creative AND do it one a deadline within certain limits), it can be challenging to control the creative spark and the brilliance that follows. Henry rolls out some surprisingly practical tips, and quick thoughts that bust your productivity myths. Gain freedom from escalating expectations and overwhelm by implementing some simple new practices.


Heads up: This book is especially great for CEOs and entrepreneurs, but it’s knowledge goes way beyond tips for start ups. If you feel the need to solve problems, The Accidental Creative can help.

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