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How to Launch a Women’s Affinity Group in Your Office

Last week, Kathi Toll and I, along with nearly 80 other Chicago women had the incredible privilege of spending the morning with Violet Sistovaris and Carrie Hightman, two members of the leadership team at NiSource, one of Ameri...


Are You Suffering a Vulnerability Hangover?

You’ve all heard me rave and rave about Brene Brown. I love this woman. I love her stuff about shame. I love her stuff about courage. I love her stuff about authenticity. She’s exactly right about it. Vulnerability is the b...


9 Rules for Managing Conflict at Work

Conflict. It’s a necessary evil we all have to face, both personally and professionally. But professionally, conflict is incredibly challenging. If you act out in conflict to your friends or family, you might have consequ...