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She Knows Everybody! Feature: Angela Elbert

One of the most exciting parts of You Know Everybody! are Marcy’s interviews with ten incredible female executives. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight one of these incredible women and share with you their ̶...

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High Heels, Huge Problems – How to Enjoy Your Shoes Without Harming Your Body

We all have our vices; one of mine is shoes. When I hear high-heels are dangerous for me, I admit – I would prefer to ignore the facts. But even if you aren’t ready to hear that those gorgeous Louboutins are putting too...


3 Reasons Meditation Will Change Your Life

Meditation is like a mental shower, it cleans the mind of the thought impurities that have built up over time. Without it our thoughts seem to take control, limiting beliefs haunt us, and overwhelm tends to be our go-to feeling...