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Q&A with a CPA

Q&A with a CPA: Credit Scores

  As a volunteer member of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission, I am closely involved with Feed the Pig, including participating in monthly Facebook chats to answer money questions. The most recent chat about cr...


Where Are You Lacking Consistency in Your Life?

Consistency is key. I’ll be honest. I’m really, really great at starting a new project, new goal, and new way of doing something.  6am workouts? The first week, I am totally there, super committed and so into it.  The sec...


3 Books Every 20-Something Should Have On Her Bookshelf

  In recent years, several successful women have stepped up to the plate and offered brilliant advice for women in work and life. They address many areas of life, focusing on women in the workplace, work/life balance, landing ...