26 People Who Failed at First

Posted August 15, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Leaders We Adore

Falling down is inevitable. Failure is necessary. We’ve all heard these platitudes when we’ve stumbled in our lives. And it’s easy to sarcastically say, “Sure, failure rocks!” But it might be easier to see the benefit of failure in the faces of real failures…who then became successes.

Business Insider has compiled a list of “26 Successful People Who Failed at First.” Sure, there’s Thomas Edison who went through 1,000 iterations of the light bulb before one worked, and there’s Steven Speilberg, rejected from his first choice film school. But there are also some “failures” you may have never known about. Here’s my favorite:

Yup, Vera Wang. One of the most internationally recognized designers today, and she failed before even deciding to launch her line! First, she failed at an attempt to make the U.S. Olympic team as a figure skater, and later as an Editor at Vogue was passed up for the Editor-in-Chief job now held by Anna Wintour. Not a bad deal for Ms. Wang, eh?

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