Do Your Mind A Favor: 3 Powerful Keys to Stay Clear and Focused

Posted November 4, 2012 by Melissa Foster in Features

Let’s get right to it! Listed below are sure-fire tips that promote a clear and sharp mind…

1 – Become Aware of Your Thoughts

It doesn’t always feel like there is a separation between our mind and soul, but there is. There are three parts to each of us: body (our fascinating and very advanced HOUSE), mind (our thinking; the ENGINE) and soul (the LIFE that resides in the HOUSE).

Thoughts are powerful. In fact, they are literally our point of power. They guide us.

The funny thing is, we usually just think away without a true awareness of what’s actually running through that noggin of ours!

Being aware of your thoughts just means that you NOTICE, without judgment, the thoughts that you think. Our thoughts are like the running ticker at the bottom of a CNN screen. So, watch your thoughts just as you would that ticker. Don’t analyze. Just notice.

Practice this as much as possible. And like with anything else, the more you practice – the better you get.

2 – Spend Time in Silence

It is so easy to disconnect from ourselves and be swept up by our environment. Sights and sounds constantly distract our minds, largely because technology is such a deeply ingrained part of our lives. Technology is fabulous, but it can easily be over-stimulating.

When we go through life out of touch with ourselves and scattered, we are constantly REACTING to our environment.

Sitting in silence/meditating is kind of like clearing your cookies, or pushing the reset button. We need time to reconnect with ourselves so that we can live from the inside out; from a centered place.

Schedule at least five minutes/day for silence. Close your eyes, breathe, and just be. Reconnect your body, mind, and soul. Reconnect with yourself.

3 – Take Brain Breaks

Do you treat your brain like a workhorse?

Research shows that short breaks during work will result in more efficient and laser-focused attention.

Take a 5-10 minute break for every 60-90 minutes of focused work. And move around! The brain performs better when it has plenty of oxygenated blood. Here’s a quick and easy habit to incorporate into your breaks: breathe deeply for a minute or so to get some good oxygen into your blood. After the deep breaths, stretch out and move around. Stretch up tall and definitely stretch your legs. Walk around some if you can.

You’ll feel a little boost and likely notice increased focus.


Start incorporating these tips into your life and notice how much sharper and more productive you become.

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