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3 Questions To Reboot Your Mind For A Productive Life Of Meaning

Posted May 5, 2013 by Melissa Foster in Features

You are busy. There’s much to do in this one, precious life! And it’s important to keep yourself in a productive, happy frame of mind.

We all have those times when we don’t feel that great inside. Although inevitable, it is not fun to be overwhelmed, irritable, grouchy, moody, or just in a funk.

Here’s the thing: LIVING from this funky place is living half-ass.

That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. Here’s why…

When you feel bad on the inside, you don’t draw goodness into your experience. As a matter of fact, you strangle that flow.

Also, the decisions you make from this place are very reactive. You automatically react to what’s happening around you. This is the painful way of living from the outside-in vs. the fulfilling way of living from the inside-out.

So, if you’re strangling your flow of goodness and living from the outside-in…you’re living life half-ass.

It’s not that you should never feel negative. We are human and that’s a part of being human. However, acknowledging the “ick” feeling and making an internal shift is living consciously. And consciously living life allows you to live life to the fullest!

It is impossible to live reactively/unconsciously AND live life to the fullest. (Read that sentence again if you need to.)

The key to feeling better in these funky times is to reboot your mind.

Give yourself some space to think. Go for a walk or take some time to just breathe. During this time, ask yourself the following perspective-shifting questions to flip your focus and clean up your thinking.

1. “If this were my last hour on earth, would I be happy with how I’ve spent my time today, this week, or this year?”

2. “If this were my last hour on earth, would I feel good about the priorities I’m focused on at this point in my life?”

3. “If this were my last hour on earth, would I feel complete and at peace with the people who matter most?”

Rebooting your mind with these questions is a simple way to get in touch with what’s real. This exercise allows you to get out of your head and reconnect with what matters most to your heart.

Stepping away from the nonstop action of life to acknowledge what’s real gives you a chance to adjust your priorities. It may simply help you look at things from a healthier perspective, or it may motivate you to take some kind of productive action. For example, maybe you’ll decide to call someone with whom you have unresolved issues and make peace once and for all. Or maybe you’ll decide to stop pushing yourself to do something that your heart just doesn’t want to do.

Once you go through the three questions above, it’s important to think about what you need to do differently to realign your actions with your head and your heart. Here are some follow-up questions to give you some direction moving forward:

  • “What change do I need to make to feel happier and more alive?”
  • “What issue do I need to address that I keep avoiding?”
  • “What do I need to let go of — completely?”
  • “Who do I need to reconnect with?”

Try it this week. Take a walk, go for a drive, sit outside for a while, or light a candle and sit down and just breathe. Let what’s real — and the fact that life is so precious — inspire you to live true and clear.

The more you practice this awareness in life, the less negativity you’ll feel.

Live your life with thoughtful purpose! In the end, you’ll be so glad you did.

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Melissa Foster

A productivity consultant for startups founders and entrepreneurs, Melissa Foster is on a mission to help her clients and readers create flow in their lives... and get big things done. A certified life coach, Melissa's hyper-focused, energetic approach is coupled with wisdom, warmth, and wit. You can get more from Melissa by visiting her website.