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3 Reasons to Unfocus

Posted May 25, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

At Career Girl Network, our goal is to scour the internet and newspapers for stories pertinent to women in business – so you don’t have to. And every once in a while, we find a new resource so exciting it produces countless articles to share and promote. I recently stumbled upon MindBodyGreen.com, a content creation website with information all centered on personal wellness. Their articles are fantastic, and while most are more yoga and eating related than career-focused, I’m excited to link our first MindBodyGreen.com article here today.

Writer Jess Molchan brings us “3 Reasons Why You Should ‘Unfocus’.” Every day, we tell ourselves “focus, focus, focus” in some way or another. Focus on your keyboard and your screen to get that email out. Focus on your meeting to get through the day. Focus on this project or that. Focus on your child’s soccer game or science fair. Focus, focus, focus. But every now and then, it’s important as well to ‘unfocus’ (and yes, both Jess and I realize that’s not a word.)

Click here to read Jess Molchan’s “3 Reasons Why You Should ‘Unfocus'” on MindBodyGreen.com and for my money, here’s the best reason of all – because sometimes, turning your brain off makes it even more powerful when you turn it back on.

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