3 Things to Always Give To Get More Out of Your Networking

Posted June 4, 2014 by Guest Writer in Networking Buzz

We constantly read or hear about the importance of networking. How it can take just one person whom we happen to meet at a networking event, which can be the key that leads us to finding a new client, to getting a new job, or to receiving a breakthrough that helps us with finally being able to start that business. We keep hearing about how it’s who you know, not what you know. And as a result, the only difference between where we are right now and where we would like to be are the people we meet.

We realize and know how important networking is for us to be successful in our careers, but unfortunately, we have no idea how to actually turn these realizations into something actionable. When you look at most people in a networking environment, it’s like watching bees swarm. They go back and forth, here, there and everywhere randomly approaching people, with no real strategy on how to maximize their networking and really interact with others in order to develop mutually beneficial connections.

When networking, the key is to always focus on what you can give to the people that you want to connect with. You do this by always probing in every conversation you have for ways you could provide value to other person. The beauty of approaching networking in this way is that it doesn’t matter if you think you are too young or too old, or think of yourself as someone who doesn’t have any experience. ‘

There are 3 things that you always give to get more out of your networking:

  1. Advice. Even though you’re looking to connect with people to get advice, it’s important for you to be prepared to give advice. There are a lot of different areas in which you can provide advice. To figure out what type of advice you can give goes back to you probing while you are having a conversation with people. Are they looking for the solution to a particular problem that you can help them with? What are some of their hobbies or interests that you may keep up on where you can send them related news just for their information
  2. Connections. Providing business as well as social connections can be very beneficial to the people you want to connect with. For example, your uncle may be the dean of a university where the person you would like to connect with wants to perhaps teach. Or you may know of an event that’s going on that may interest them, or of the latest cool app that you think can help them be more productive.
  3. Effort. Your desire and effort to act on the advice you receive and make things happen is one of the most valuable things you can give to people you want to connect and build a relationship with. The biggest compliment people can receive is to know that they played a part in helping someone else be successful who not only listened to their advice but also actually did something with it.

When you view networking as a natural part of meeting people just for the purpose of doing so and to make new friends through giving, and move away from thinking of networking only as something to do in order to get something out of someone, you will become a valuable resource to people around you. You’ll attract people in positions of power to help you and in the end you will actually become more successful in reaching your career goals quicker than you ever thought possible.


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