3 Tips on How to Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe

Posted March 29, 2013 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe

I’ll admit, I’m a serious planner. I plan almost every part of my day. I even make plans to plan (if that makes any sense). Although I may not plan out my outfits everyday, I do plan what items I’m going to add to my wardrobe.

So I was thrilled when I came across this article Jennifer Alfano wrote for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s April Issue called “Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe” and her tips are priceless.

Alfano recommends starting with these wardrobe rules for every major fashion purchase. If the item passes these 3 rules, then moved forward with the purchase.

1. Be honest about your lifestyle, and buy only what you love. What you wear should be in sync with how you live.

2. Stick to a color story. There is always room in one’s closet for a bright-yellow dress or a crimson blouse, but the majority of what you wear should be in a neutral color palette. (This includes black and white)

3. Quality over Quantity and Fit. Buy less but buy the best, whatever your “best” may be.

She also touches on key pieces to have in your wardrobe and seasonal updates that you can add once you’ve covered the basics.

If you want more details on how to plan your perfect wardrobe read the full article here. Happy Planning!

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