3 Tips to Staying Young

Posted July 7, 2014 by Belinda Chiu in Life After Five

Ever wonder how that 65-year old looks decades younger than her biological age? Ever wonder how that 25-year looks ten years older? While some people have the assistance of botox and other other human-science-assisted age-defying treatments, those who age naturally and gracefully do so beyond the sunscreen-eat healthy-exercise regimen. (Note: it IS important to use sunscreen, eat healthy, and exercise to stay physically robust).

It is a mindset that allows some women to always seem 10 years younger than her peers. Instead of simply focusing on the physical, it is important for Career Girls to remember that the mind also is a powerful actor in the aging process.

1. Play

Think and act like a child. They make everything seem fun and playful. Of course, not everything we do IS fun, but try this for the next week: turn even the most boring and awful chore into a game. Stuck in traffic? See if you can spot all all the blue cars (I spy….). Doing laundry? See who can fold the neatest and flattest, aka Gap-style. Enjoy life and play again. (And yes, you have time for it. Stop grumbling.)

2. Experiment

Kids’ experiments don’t always pan out (Velveeta cheese melted on minute rice: not a good idea). Yet they learn by experimenting. People who “make it” (aka the inventor of the pet rock) often are just kids at heart trying different things out. Try letting go of prescribed ideas and notions and just experiment. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But it just might.

3. Laugh

Ever wonder how the Dalai Lama stays so young? The man laughs. He laughs a lot. It’s not that he doesn’t see the problems of the world – he just views them with an open heart and broader perspective. And he laughs. Rather than scowling (wrinkle in between your eyebrows) or frowning (wrinkles around your mouth), just start laughing. It’s contagious.

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