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Posted December 16, 2010 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz

Watching ABC this morning, I saw a profile on John Kralik, the author of the new book 365 Thank Yous. This man, going through a rough time in his life, turned to gratitude to help him through. So he set a New Years Resolution to write a thank you note every day for a year, and what he found was his life changed for the better and he realized his life wasn’t so bad after all…he had a lot more than he thought to be thankful for. Click here for the full GMA report.

Now, I don’t know about writing a thank you every day for a year (that’s a mighty long resolution to keep), but the notion is inspiring, and I’ve gotten a taste of John’s medicine this past week. I’ve had a meeting nearly every day since I got here with individuals willing to help me get my feet wet here in Chicago and start my job search off on a positive note. And after every meeting, I’ve written a hand written thank you note as well as an email follow up. And it feels good.

How many times does someone do something for you where you think, in your head, “Hey, thanks!” What if every time that happened, you picked up a thank you note and wrote it down. Nothing fancy just a quick thanks and words of gratitude? Would your future interactions with that person change? Would you develop a deeper relationship? Would you feel better about yourself? You might.

Yesterday, I bought a new box of 50 thank you notes, ensuring I have the tools on hand to pick up a pen and send a note whenever I think, “Hey, thanks!” We can all learn from Mr. Kralick. Join in the gratitude trend!

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