Spring Getaway and Winter Body? 4 Great Coverups

Posted March 20, 2013 by Michele Cocouture in Building Your Brand
Getaway Ready

Left to Right:  1) Tory Burch Tunic 2) Missoni One Piece Bikini, Beach Panties Wrap Skirt 3) Warehouse Maxi Dress 3) Seafolly Kaftan
It’s been grey, cold and raining outside.  You’ve been slaving away at the office and when you leave it is still dark outside.  Are you career girls ready for some sun and a Spring beach getaway?  YES!  BUT wait…my Winter body isn’t quite ready.  On my recent vacation to Hawaii I made this discovery.  I guess I shouldn’t have had the extra helpings of pumpkin pie, stuffing, turkey, ham, Valentines Days chocolates etc.  Well, instead of trying to starve myself back to my ideal weight prior to my beach vacation, I discovered four great clothing tricks to hide those extra few Winter pounds.  Here are my four secrets:
1)  The loose fitting tunic – this is very forgiving especially if that slice of cake tends to stick to your mid-section.  It is airy and comfortable and great for exploring the town.
2)  The one piece bathing suit – I have never owned a one-piece bathing suit before but I was definitely not bikini ready.  I was thrilled to discover when I tried on one-piece bathing suits that they make them in material these days that keeps everything tight, think Spanx!  Adding a sarong or skirt to the one piece looks very stylish and also works great as an extra coverup.
3)  The maxi dress – this is a great look that you can wear casual during the day at the beach with flats.  And by adding a few accessories such as a big necklace or bangles and a pair of heels you’ll be ready for those sunset dinners on the beach.  Darker colors such as black are more slimming but a bold print is always fun too.
4)  The kaftan – no longer worn for hosting lavish dinner parties at home, this piece is great for the beach.  They typically have short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves which is a great coverup for the arms.  I saw many that had beading, tassels or a cinched waist which can re-direct the attention away from problem areas.
Bon voyage! and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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