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4 Excuses to Proactively Email a Networking Connection

Posted July 5, 2013 by Lisa Granshaw in Networking Buzz

Keeping in touch with connections you’ve made while networking is an important part of your career. Every few months you should be in touch with your network so they can continue to be helpful resources. Email makes this easier than ever however sometimes it can be difficult to think of reasons to reach out. Here are a few solid reasons you can use for sending your connections an email.

1. Your job changed or you received a promotion

A change in your job status is a great reason to email your network. If you’ve changed companies or just moved positions within the same company, it makes sense to inform your network of the change. Tell them about the move and what changes might have been made to your work. Let them know what you think of it and how excited you are. Then you can segue into asking them how their job is going. It’s a great way to start a conversation and catch up with your connections.

2. Share news or feature articles that may interest them

If big news was recently announced in your industry, why not discuss if with your connections? Feel free to email them a link to an article and ask them their thoughts on the news. You can also share links to feature articles on topics that may interest them. If you saw a great story about a local animal rescue and know one of your connections is a big animal fan, send it their way. Let them know you thought of them when you read it and wanted to share. You can then move on to telling them that things are going great with you and ask how they’re dong.

3. Ask them for advice

If you’re looking for a job you never want to bluntly come out and ask your connection for one. However there’s nothing wrong with asking their advice. If you’re about to start your job search, feel free to ask your connection if they have any tips for finding openings in the industry or if you’re interested in applying somewhere they worked in the past, ask if they enjoyed working for the company.

You can also email them for other advice. Ask them about the best way to deal with a situation at work or how to deal with something else in the industry. Most people will be flattered you’re asking for their help and willing to respond. It’s another great way to start a conversation with a connection.

4. Wish them a happy holiday, birthday, etc.

While this reason will require care on your part to make sure you don’t cross the line between too personal and casually professional, if you know a connection fairly well you can use a birthday or other event as a reason to email them. Open your email by wishing them a happy holiday or birthday and then move into professional territory by saying you hope they’re doing well, that things are going well with their work, and then update them about your job. You can also wish them congratulations if you know they just got engaged or married.

While it can seem difficult to decide sometimes why to send an email to your network, these reasons can help you out. You definitely want to remain in the forefront of your connections’ minds so that when jobs open up or they learn some other industry news, they think of sharing it with you!

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Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw is a freelance writer and career consultant based in New York City. Her company, Media Career Consulting LLC, offers a variety of consulting services to young professionals interested in a career in the media and communications industry. She began her career as a NBC Page, worked as a production assistant at Nightly News with Brian Williams, and was a producer and writer for the TODAY Show's website. Her work has appeared on The Daily Dot, TODAY.com, Parents.com, Vetstreet, Blastr, and more.