4 Simple Ways to Get Noticed at Networking Events

Posted May 1, 2014 by Guest Writer in Networking Buzz
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When you’re just starting out in the corporate world, networking events can be really daunting. As Career Girls, you’re told networking events are the key to career success and give you the opportunity to meet important decision-makers in your industry. This is absolutely true. But even though you may hear this from mentors whom you admire, the thought of walking into a networking event and getting noticed probably still haunts you, especially if you’re new to the corporate world.

The key to getting noticed when you walk into a networking event room is confidence. This is something you can fake, if you know how. Today I want to share with all you Career Girls out there —

4 simple ways you can change your networking mindset

(and, get noticed at networking events even if you don’t feel so confident inside.)

  1.  Write down who you want to meet at the networking event. When you’re prepared and have a plan, you’re more likely to walk out of the networking event with the right connections. Before you go to the event, do a little research and find out who will be there. Make a list of people who you would like to meet. Choose those people who can help you with your professional goals. Write this list on a piece of paper and take it with you to the networking event. If you lose direction when you walk into the room and forget why you’re there, use this list as a reminder.
  2. Let your clothes speak for you. Your outfit can tell others a lot about who you are. You can choose an outfit that will blend you into the background, or you can choose an outfit that will make you stand out. If getting noticed at a networking event is your aim, then I suggest you choose an outfit that combines high-contrast colors and bold styles. A simple way to achieve this with a classic black dress is to add a red or green jacket, or a colorful scarf. And don’t forget about your shoes. An elegant pair of heels can instantly make you look and feel more confident. 
  3. Project confidence with your body language. When you meet others for the first time, it’s your body language the other person will rely on the most to make decisions about you. If you walk into the room with your shoulders slumped and your head down, others will probably form the opinion that you’re a little insecure. But if you walk into the room with strong posture, your head high, and you look toward the crowd, chances are they’re going to see you as somebody who is confident, determined, and leadership material.
  4.  Break into the right group. Once you’re inside the networking event room and groups have already been formed, it can be quite daunting to walk up to a group and break into their conversation. But if you know the right group to choose, you can walk up and introduce yourself with relative ease. Scan the room when you enter, choose a group where you can see a larger gap in between people, or a group where one person’s feet and shoulders are slightly turned outward from the group. This usually indicates they’re open to others (you) joining them.

Kara Ronin is an international business etiquette expert and the author of the eBook, The Ultimate Networking Roadmap: Rise above fear to network with confidence and class. Visit her blog Executive Impressions to claim your free 7 Step Networking Roadmap and to get fabulous tips on networking and business etiquette. Connect with Kara on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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