4 Things You Need To Do To Win At Job Interviews

Posted June 9, 2014 by Guest Writer in Career Moves

Interviewing is a process that can make anyone nervous.

Nerves naturally come with any interview and can increase enormously if you are not adequately prepared. Furthermore, being unprepared for an interview may make your nerves the least of your worries.

Don’t let nervousness and lack of preparation prevent you from acing the interview that could lead to your dream job. Follow these quick tips to make sure you’re calm and ready for winning at your next interview:

Have a sales pitch for yourself

Some people call this an elevator speech, but regardless of what it’s called, make sure you have a quick 30 second response that explains why you are the ideal candidate for the position while referencing your skills and experience. First impressions are extremely important, and having a sales pitch about yourself can start an interview off on the right foot.

Build relationships

A great way to give yourself some extra confidence or an edge going into an interview is to have a connection at the company where you have applied. Tools like LinkedIn can give you the chance to build relationships with people you otherwise may not meet. Plus, it is a great way to get some background knowledge on who is interviewing you.

Do your homework

It is extremely important to know about the company and business with which you are interviewing. Having an understanding and knowledge of the business will not only make you look prepared for your interview, but also prepared for the job.

Follow up

After your interview, send a quick email thanking the people you interviewed with for their time and for what you learned about the position and organization. If you thought of any questions after your interview, feel free to include them in the follow up as long as they don’t involve compensation.

Give yourself every advantage possible when going through the interview process. Be prepared and make connections so that you stand out while interviewing and hopefully land your dream job.


About the author- This article was written by Celia Wang, on behalf of Dale Carnegie Training, a company founded on the principles of the famous speaker and author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Today, the company offers leadership training to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals. 

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