4 Tips to Keep More Money in Your Purse This Week

Posted March 25, 2014 by Lindsay Laughnan in Life After Five

I’ll admit, there’s nothing like sipping a warm espresso beverage or hot tea while working in the afternoon. The warm, soothing beverage just makes everything all better especially on cold, rainy days! However, I realized that my little indulgence a few times per week at the local coffee/tea shop was taking a bigger toll than I realized on my finances.  I contemplated it and I really don’t want to give up something that I truly enjoy. After all, other than this indulgence, I eat mostly raw foods and make the majority of my meals from scratch!

So, instead of giving it up, I decided to compromise with myself. I will indulge at most two times per week. This will help keep my Career Girl finances happy while still enjoying the simple pleasure of a warm coffee or tea!

Need ways to keep more money in your purse? Check out these 4 tips!

  • Energy bars make fantastic snacks especially if you’re in between meetings at the office. But, purchasing an energy bar for each day you go to the office can add up! Try making your own! Look at the ingredients in your favorite energy bar and then find a recipe that will provide a similar taste and texture. They’re extremely easy to make especially if you have a food processor.
  • If you’re on the go and want to grab a quick dinner option, check out Whole Foods 4 for $4 in the Prepared Foods section. For only $4 you can choose 4 sample sizes of their Healthy Starts Here® dishes. I recently tried this as a dinner option and even though they’re sample sizes, it’s enough for dinner. Where else can you get a healthy dinner option for $4? I’m a huge fan!!
  • Re-evaluate your cell phone plan. How many minutes do you use each month? How many text messages are you sending? How much data do you use? Once you figure out your average usage, shop around for the best deal. I recently saved over $40 per month by switching cell phone carriers.
  • Take advantage of your local parks! Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy all of the adventures in your own backyard. Many parks offer trails, biking, and picnic areas. Have you visited your local park lately?

How have you kept more money in your purse lately? I would love to hear your ideas!




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