4 Twitter Accounts Every Career Girl Entrepreneur Should Follow

Posted December 5, 2013 by Lisa Granshaw in Networking Buzz
twitter-logo-2There are many different online resources for women starting their own business especially when it comes to social media. I’ve often discussed how Twitter can be essential for the Career Girl because of its networking potential. While Twitter chats can be a great way to form connections and get advice, it’s also good to find some individual accounts to follow. Since I’ve started my own small business, there are a number of Twitter feeds I keep up with that have been very helpful as I’ve started and grown my business.

Here are 4 essential Twitter accounts the Career Girl entrepreneur should follow!

1. U.S. Small Business Association (@SBAgov)

If you’re starting your own company, you’re most likely starting out as a small business. That makes the U.S. government’s Small Business Association a valuable resource. By following them on Twitter, you’ll be able to easily keep up to date on the latest news and tips, from them and fellow small business owners.

2. Entrepreneur Magazine (@EntMagazine)

In the past I’ve highlighted Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the must-follow accounts for Career Girls on Pinterest. Career Girl entrepreneurs will definitely want to follow their account on Twitter as well. Not only do they share helpful news and resources for business owners, but their account is clearly fostering an entrepreneur community. Following them will alert you to other entrepreneurs you may want to connect with in the future!

3. Forbes Woman (@ForbesWoman)

While I would recommend also following the main Forbes (@Forbes) account, Forbes Woman is really the better resource for Career Girls. This account shares news and tips that will specifically be of interest to women entrepreneurs. It will come in handy to have this type of focused advice since it is still true that things are different for women in the business world than men.

4. Inc. Magazine (@Inc)

If you’re just starting your own business or trying to expand it, then you’ll find that the Inc. Magazine Twitter feed is a great resource. They share articles that cover a wide range of areas and offer some interesting ideas that will have you thinking outside the box when it comes to your business.

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