4 Yoga Poses for High Heels

Posted April 25, 2013 by Vivian Doan in Life After Five


Whether you are heading into a big meeting or out to dinner, a nice pair of heels can make quite an impression. They will not only give you some height, but wearing high heels makes you feel more glamorous, confident, and adds¬†sophistication to any outfit. That is, until you lose your balance or fall on your way in or out of an event (we’ve all been there, haven’t we?). To aid in walking more elegantly while maintaining your balance, it is important to strengthen your ankles, calves, and toes.

Try these 4 simple yoga poses before your next event:

  1. Mountain Pose (on the balls of your feet)
    Stand tall with your feet together so your big toes touch and your heels slightly apart. Find balance by grounding yourself evenly on all four corners of your feet and engage your thighs to keep your legs straight. Raise your arms overhead with your palms facing each other and relax your shoulders down your back. Keep your neck long and find a focal point, that will help your balance. Now engage your abdominal muscles and slowly rise onto the balls of your feet. Repeat and hold.
  2. Chair Pose (on the balls of your feet)
    From Mountain Pose, bend your knees and drop your hips towards your heels like you are going to sit on a chair and keep your weight in your heels. Drop your tailbone towards the floor and keep your shoulders relaxed. Once you are in Chair Pose, slowly raise onto the balls of your feet and hold.
  3. Forward Fold with your legs crossed
    From Chair Pose, lower your heels back down and slowly rise to standing. Cross one ankle over the other and exhale as you fold forward. Straighten your legs as much as you can (or keep your knees slightly bent if you have tight hamstrings). Breathe here and let your head hang heavy. Once you are ready, switch the cross of your legs and repeat.
  4. Reclining Big Toe
    There are a few parts to this pose. First, start by lying on your back and extend your legs long. Keep your left leg on the floor and bend your right knee into your chest and hold onto your big toe with your index and middle fingers (or use a strap or towel over the ball of your foot if you can’t reach). Straighten your right leg up towards the ceiling with your foot over your hip, relax, breathe and hold. Then, rotate your right toes outward to open up your right hip to the side, while keeping both hips evenly on the floor (if your left hip lifts off the floor, place your left hand onto your left hip to help ground your body). Bring your leg back to center and then grab the outside edge of your right foot with your left hand, strap or towel and lower your right arm flat on the floor to keep your body grounded. Bring your right leg over to the left and lower it towards the floor. After a few breaths, return to center. Repeat on other side.

These 4 yoga poses will strengthen and elongate your muscles. Try them out and hopefully you’ll feel more balanced – at any height!

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Vivian Doan is a globetrotting foodie that balances her endless appetite with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer (NASM), former Bar Method instructor, and certified in TRX Suspension Training and INSANITY. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego and completed her Masters at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Originally from Southern California, Vivian is currently anchored in New York City as a Public Relations & Marketing Consultant for lifestyle brands.