5 Career Boosts for Your Holiday Break

Posted December 26, 2013 by Adrienne Asselmeier in Life After Five
Woohoo! Vacation!

Who doesn’t love vacation? Nobody. The bad news is that it always goes too fast, right? If you’re like me, you will get to the last day of the break, look back, and think, “What did I even DO over break?” If I’m really lucky, I’ll finally finish painting the trim in my bedroom, but what’s more likely is that I’ll lie around at the homes of my relatives, talking and catching up, and I will eat a lot. Those are all good things, but with an extra couple days off, I have a list of things I can do to help me out at work, too.

Here’s my list of five career boosters I can do over my holiday break!

  1. Getting ahead on side projects. The break is a time to relax, but I do a lot of little side work and writing, and now is a great time to get ahead. That means I need to block out an afternoon to do a lot of writing, even if I just want to lie on the couch and watch every episode of Breaking Bad. Well, I might still be able to fit that in somewhere.
  2. Meeting with some of my contacts. I know a lot of people are away traveling, but I’m going to work in getting drinks or lunch with my mentor, and some of my lady friends who are in my field. It helps to stay connected, I want to talk about the new office that my company has acquired, and I want to see what everyone else is doing in case I can help in some way.
  3. Laundry (and dry cleaning). Laundry is always a must, but there are some times when a somewhat messy lady like myself needs to really hit it hard. I need to pick up the closet and make sure all of my winter outfits are front, center, and fresh. Plus, this might be a strange thing to some, but I’ve never had anything dry cleaned. I know, I know. I just haven’t! But it’s on my bucket list to accomplish in 2013, so I’ve only got a couple days to do it! I might have to take pics and put it in my scrapbook.
  4. Career reading. There have been some new developments in SEO lately, and I know that there is a lot I have to learn in order to perform spectacularly at my new job. I need to get some serious reading done. It can be in my jimmy-jams with a cup of coffee in the morning, but even just an hour or two of career-specific reading will be a nice boost. I hope Santa brought me that Google Adwords book I’ve been hoping for…
  5. Relaxing! As I mentioned, my company has moved to a new office. If the normal pace of a real estate purchase and move-in is somewhere between walking the dog and doing a 5k, the pace for this purchase and move can be compared to a gazelle being hunted. We’ve been working (and moving) like crazy, and nothing is going to help my focus at work more than taking my holiday break to just relax.

These are the realistic things I can do to help me when I go back to work after the holidays, but of course, my over-achiever brain says that I can also organize my office, paint the living room, create a new meal plan, run every day, bring my cat to the vet, and make tiramisu. I should probably pick a couple of those things, add to my career tasks list, and then leave a whole lot of time wide open for that Breaking Bad marathon I’ve been meaning to have.

Have a happy holiday break!

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