5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Career Girl

Posted September 26, 2013 by Adrienne Asselmeier in On the Ladder
Today is my birthday! Yay! I like birthdays. I get to make my family get together, my dad cooks an awesome meal of my choice, it’s usually “fall” enough that we can eat some pumpkin pie, and I get to talk about myself. Plus, I think it’s funny to tell people I’m older than I am. So I try to convince my dad that I (his youngest) am 30. It’s a fun time!

Most people won’t say that they like receiving gifts. It feels shallow to admit how great it is to get a good present. Well, if you are shopping for a Career Girl in the near future and want your gift to be the highlight of her day, here are five suggestions for Career Girl-style gifts that she will love!

  1. Stationery. I love getting stationery as gifts because it’s something I almost never think to buy for myself. I had a boss who gave me a big box of the most beautiful peacock-themed stationery when I left the company on a life adventure. I never forgot that because I used those notes and cards for several months, and sent them all over the world to people I wanted to give thanks. Go to a local stationery store, or check Etsy for something in your Career Girl’s style. Bundle a few paper products with some colorful pens and envelope seals to make it a birthday bundle!
  2. A special night out. One of my favorite Career Girls recently introduced me to an awesome studio in Grand Rapids that gives you paint, supplies, wine, and studio time to relax while you sip and create. I can’t get over how much I love this idea! It’s not expensive, and it would be such a great way to celebrate. Plus you go home with a one-of-a-kind canvas to commemorate the celebration. If you don’t have somewhere like this in your city, look for other fun and unique experiences, or make one.
  3. A year of supplies. Okay, now, I’m really cheap and easy to please, so I don’t know if everyone loves this style of gift as much as I do. I had a friend whose family always gave her and her husband a year’s supply of cleaning products at Christmas and they loved it. Think about it: you never have to pick up bleach, glass cleaner, pledge, Magic Erasers, etc. Sure, it’s not as exciting as some of the things on this list, but I think a year’s supply of fun and cute office supplies would be a cool gift basket—and fun to create! Check your local office supply store because some of them have containers and you can personalize what goes inside by picking from a bulk selection.
  4. Something for her desk. I love personalizing my office space. I display awards that I’ve won, medals I’ve earned, and pictures of my loved ones. If you’re shopping for a close friend, find a great frame and have a fun picture of the two of you printed, or learn how to make a collage from her Instagram photos. Plants and greenery can make you calmer and more productive, so look for a cubicle-friendly plant, or a zen garden.
  5. Something out of the ordinary. You know those things that you see that just scream ‘that person.’ For your Career Girl, it may be a David Tenant stand-up, or maybe not. Take a day to think about it. Whether it’s a something you know they’ll laugh at, or something really beautiful, they will not soon forget your great gift!

There are good standbys like gift cards for reading material, coffee, or dinner, or subscriptions to magazines for their personal development interests. A great gift for a sporty Career Girl is to get her a gift card to create her own Road ID. It always helps to take some time to think about a great gift instead of waiting until the last minute. Take it as an opportunity to get to know more about her interests by seeing if you can spark conversations with the secret motive to determine a fitting gift.

Follow these steps and your Career Girl recipient will never re-gift!

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