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5 Innovative Ways to Find a Mentor

Posted January 17, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz
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Did you January is National Mentor Month? If you don’t yet have a mentor or you’ve been meaning to reach out to a current or past mentor, now is the time to jump start those relationships! My friends over at Citi’s Women & Co. recently published the article “5 Innovative Ways to Find a Mentor” and my heart skipped a beat at a couple of them. Citi’s giving us all new and BIG ideas on how to find mentors in our careers.

I was most excited to find out about PivotPlanet. How could I not have known about this amazing business before?!? Here’s the description from Women & Co.’s article:


This new website, targeted at career changers, offers mentoring sessions for a fee with experts in a number of fields, including those creative ones that sound cool at college reunions (think animator, home stager, coffee house owner, etc.). The downside? You pay. Rates start at $50 per hour and go up past $100. (On the flip side of the coin, if you sign up to be a mentor, you get paid an hourly rate.) The upside? You’ll often get what you pay for. If you have no contacts in a field you’re hoping to learn about, it’s a pretty efficient way to start the process with a mentor who knows what she’s doing.

Click here to read the other 4 innovative ways to find your new mentor at Women & Co. While you’re there, check out all of their incredible content around Mentor Month and more!

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