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5 Tips to Rock Your Spring Season

Posted May 1, 2013 by Rebecca Niziol in Life After Five
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If you live in Chicago (or anywhere like it), you got to experience the collective spring fever this past weekend. The weather finally warmed, and people are itching to get out and strut in their next spring looks. You can tell everyone is coming out of hibernation because we’re all still a little too pale to rock certain colors, holding onto a few winter extra pounds, and have so much pent up energy we bounce around the city like pogo sticks.

You’ve probably read recent articles about the hottest new looks for spring, what you should be reading, where you want to be vacationing, and so on. The fabulous writers here at CGN have plenty of tips to keep you rocking it like its hot all season long. I’m not fashion expert, however I can tell you about energy.

There’s a natural shift that occurs as we switched from season to season. Due to some crazy interesting weather lately, winter and spring have melded into one, leaving us a bit confused. Not only do you have trouble deciding if you want to wear boots or sandals, your body is maybe a be perplexed as to what it wants to be doing.

Spring is symbolic of re-birth. Whether or not you experience snow melting, our lives quite literally thaw out. Anything stagnant gains a fresh feel, and there’s a vibrancy and lightness in the air. Animals reproduce, flowers bloom, and in front of our eyes our cities transform as much as we do.

If you know what’s going on with your body and mind during this seasonal shift, you’re better able to take advantage of the natural transformation and work with it rather than against. Follow these 5 tips to rock your spring season with more flow and ease:

  1. Embrace Change. Spring is the perfect time to make the leap and commit to that change you’ve been putting off. Cut your hair. Move into that apartment in a new neighborhood. Try stand up paddle board yoga. If you’ve been feeling a bit bored or underwhelmed by your winter routine, mix it up! Trying something new right now will raise your energy, and bring more fun and adventure back into your life after being pent up through winter.
  2. Lighten Up. As the weather warms your body will naturally start craving lighter more water based foods. Kickstart your summer body, by choosing foods that are easier for your body to digest. I know that mac n cheese and beer you’ve been kicking back all winter tastes awesome, but it also makes you feel tired and sluggish (like a sleepy bear). Trade in slices of deep dish for fresh juices, seafood, and leafy greens. Because more fruits and vegetables are coming into season this is a great opportunity to experiment with some new dishes. Try these ingredients you maybe haven’t used before like kohlrabi (here’s an awesome recipe for spring rolls) or passion fruit (a pitcher of passion rum punch poolside anyone?). Check when your local farmers markets open, or hit them up now if they are year round.
  3. Get Out. If you’ve been stuck in an office, sick in bed, or simply inside due to snow or rain, head outside this month for some much needed sunshine and fresh air. Dining al fresco has begun, so cozy up on your favorite patio (Q in Chicago will feed you the best BBQ under heat lamps if it’s chilly). Try having a few meetings outdoors at a park, or take a walk while you chat. There are plenty of gardens that need help with planting and weeding, try volunteering in your local community to get your hands in some soil and some Vitamin D in your system. Plan for at least half an hour out doors to get the most benefit.
  4. Flirt On. Spring brings with it a natural boost in our sex drive. You’ve probably noticed more wandering eyes and tempting looks being passed as you go about your day. Enjoy this! It’s human nature to be naturally “excited” this time of year. Use your added energy to bring out your inner tease and have some fun with it. If you’re single: Bat those lashes, talk to strangers, and be yourself. If you’re committed: enjoy some extra play time with your boo doing something you haven’t done in awhile (No, popcorn in bed again does not count).
  5. Be Free. If spring had an animal that represented it, a bird would do nicely. Something light, that soars and flies around at it’s liking. Now is the time to take a look at the things you’ve tied yourself down to, and maybe free yourself from anything draining or heavy that’s holding you back. Keep some open time in your calendar for fun and spontaneous activities that pop up. Think about who you’ve been spending your time with, that friends that drags you to eat trashy foods over gossip… maybe you want to take a break? Spring brings with is possibility. Enjoy the freedom that comes with it!

What are your favorite ways to rock the spring season?

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Rebecca Niziol, ELI-MP, is many things: a life coach, yoga teacher, dancer, event planner, connection catalyst, and your new best friend. Her mission is to empower others to live the authentic life of their dreams. After years of traveling North America and Europe, she is happy to have found a home and community in Chicago.