5 Career Tips To Get You Ahead At Work

Posted March 12, 2014 by Kit Graham in On the Ladder
Looking for ways to make a good impression and get ahead at work?

Here are 5 tips that add up to making a big difference:

  1. Always be prepared. Check your calendar before bed to make sure you won’t miss that just-scheduled 8 am meeting. Check your calendar again each morning once you arrive at your desk. Prepare for any meetings and write out any topics or questions you want to bring up during meetings. Alway bring a pen and notebook to meetings – and a laptop if that is what your office culture dictates.
  2. Take notes. Note taking helps you focus and comprehend the meeting as it takes place, and the notes become a great resource after the fact. Others will likely take notice that you are jotting down detailed notes and this a great skill to be known for. Before you know it others will come to you for help when they missed something during the meeting.
  3. Ask thoughtful questions during meetings. If you followed step 1, you will have your questions prepared ahead of the meeting. It is important to go into every meeting know what you want to learn from it. Having questions prepared will make your meetings more effective. Never be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem basic. No question is ever stupid, and chances are others in the room will have the same question. Asking questions shows that you are eager to learn.
  4. Dress the part. Even if your office is casual, take pride in your appearance. Dress for the career you aspire to have, and take cues from your boss or coworkers you admire. When you check your calendar at night, find out if you have any important meetings. Always dress up for important meetings that superiors will be attending. Wearing a professional outfit to meetings is an easy way to show that you take your job seriously.
  5. Find a mentor. Navigating the career ladder isn’t easy, so ask for help. Find someone that you respect at your company and make them your mentor. Some companies have formal mentorship programs, find out if your company has one and sign up. Otherwise, find a respected colleague that you can turn to for advice.

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