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6 Keys to Successful Career Management

Posted March 24, 2014 by Alexis LaRee in Career Moves
Okay, so you’ve landed the job at the organization of your dreams.  You plan to stay awhile but you’re not sure how to create a plan that will ensure your success within your position and provide opportunity to grow.

Here are 6 keys to build upon your current career success:

  1. Establish your career plan: Upon successfully securing a position with the company of your dreams you’ll want to be sure to get new goals and objectives for yourself within your organization.  Provide a structure of milestones you’d like to use in order to assess your progress over a short period of time.  Review this plan with yourself and your supervisor every six months and make any adjustments necessary that reflect your personal development, the objectives you’ve achieved, and potential changes within your organization.
  2. Record your achievements:  By now you should have reflected and recorded the achievements you’ve made in your previous positions (hopefully these have also been included on your resume).  These achievements are most likely what helped you to land your current position so why not continue to maintain a record of what you achieve after you begin!  Maintaining a continuous record will be extremely helpful when it comes time for a performance review as well as to showcase what you are achieving within your job.  This will also be quite useful when you move on to another position either within your organization or with a new employer.
  3. Maintain relationships with your contacts: Network, network, network.  We can never be reminded of this enough.  Through your job hunt, you’ve probably made a whole new set of contacts.  These contacts should be made even as you begin your new position as they made provide opportunities in the future that are not worth passing up.  You can also pay it forward with your network by putting effort back in and providing another person assistance on their job search.
  4. Become visible outside of your organization: In order to advance you’ll need to become visible outside of your organization.  It is only a benefit to you for others to be informed of your abilities because it will allow you to expand on your profile to become known outside of your job’s responsibilities.  Attend and/or speak at your local Chamber of Commerce or other professional organization gatherings, write for a trade journal – these can only help you to build upon your network.
  5. Build upon your strengths: Job searching tends to purposely cause you to focus on your strengths and develop a stronger awareness of yourself.  Become committed to furthering your development through acquirement of new skills and competencies.  Be more open to learning new things and being more aware of the needs of your organization in order to recognize change as a learning opportunity.  With the many changes that an organization tends to go through, a person unwilling to learn and work with change won’t progress as quickly.  If you ever have to enter the labor market again you’ll want to make sure you have more to offer your next employer.
  6. Set non-work related goals: Setting a series of concrete objectives relating to activities outside of work can help bring better balance to your life and provide relaxation and release of work-related stress.  Step back every six months and analyze your progress towards these goals and adjust the target dates as necessary.

About the Author

Alexis LaRee

Alexis LaRee is a Career Consultant and Career Development Facilitator with a passion for guiding Millennial women through career success. She provides services throughout the Seattle region for those who need assistance in determining what career will be suitable for their needs and personalities as well as for those who want to start a new career in a new industry. In 2013, Alexis established Alexis LaRee Career Consulting where she offers women a combination of career and lifestyle services by guiding them through resume writing, career satisfaction indication, interviewing techniques, navigating the office, taking care of the self, and more.