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6 Nifty Ways to Keep Your Cords Under Control

Posted March 17, 2013 by Melissa Foster in Features
As a girl on the go, I’m always dealing with MY CORDS GALORE. Tangles have just been a part of my life. I recently did some research and found the following sweet solutions to keep wires and cords under wraps.


1) Q-Knot Reusable Ties










From the Container Store, these abominable twist-ties are perfect for cleaning up cord disarray. Use these multi-purpose bad-boys on anything you want to bundle!

2) Cable Twisters










Again from the Container Store, use these flexible Cable Twisters and call it a wrap when it comes to conquering desk clutter! These ingenious organizers hold multiple cords, cables and wires together so they’re safely and neatly out of the way. Use them to color code groups to make moving or disconnecting computer peripherals quick and easy.


3) Mini Hub (Aluminum or Plastic)







Do you have the soft, white earphones from Apple? The Mini Hubs make managing and preserving these earphone cords super easy. Load in your cord and press the button!


4) Leather Cord Organizers







Keep your cords bundled on the go with these handmade, leather cuties made by Cicada Leather company, and stay organized in style.


5) The Power Curl





The PowerCurl is a clip-on cord wrap for Apple’s Power Adapters and  makes it easy to unplug and pack up quickly without having to untangle your cords the next time you set up shop.


6) Cordlets


Cordlets hold and direct cables exactly where you need them on your desk. Each pack of four will give you control over the small wires coming from your mouse, keyboard, and charging accessories, without taking up precious workspace. Stick one wherever you need a helping hand with cord management. Comes in packs of four.


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