6 Tips To Help You Be Brilliant

Posted October 23, 2013 by Lucia Labouchere in On the Ladder

Good Afternoon To You All.

This is my first article for Career Girl Network, having been an avid follower for a year.  I write to you from Malawi in South East Africa where I run a coaching business doing what I love from a place I love.  It hasn’t always been this way but I have learnt to listen to my intuition, to tap into my brilliance and go with it, where ever that may be!

For utmost success and fulfilment I invite you to do the same.  I am going to launch straight in there and give some tips as to how to listen to your intuition and tap into your unique brilliance.  It can be hard… Right? To know what is brilliant about you. You are in a cloud of fog, all consumed by the pace of life going on around you, those linear career paths that stand before you on offer, those steady salaries, that lovely flat up for rent now and your friend also looking… It can be hard to say ‘no’ I want something different, something more.  There is a twinge in your gut though saying you are meant for greater things, that you can do it.

Then ‘the voice of reason’ steps in, o crikey that voice of reason, backed up by well-meaning friends and family, you take the safe option and it’s OK but after a month or two that desire for more, it’s still there, OK is not enough for Career Girls, we want fabulous.

That feeling, ladies, that is where your brilliance lies.

So in these few words I am giving you simple tips that can support you in rocking as a women in the 21st century.  Deep breath, time to bypass the saboteurs, to crack on and to step into the life and career you are meant for:

  1. Keep a joy list – start now.  Take a piece of paper, divide it into 2 columns.  List everything you LOVE to do on the left hand side, everything, in your life, in your career.  Build on it.  Next to it everything that gives you the ick feeling (yes, the ick feeling, the same feeling you get when there is a guy around that might be cracking on to you and you really don’t like it…)
  2. Make a plan and commit.  How can you factor into your day more of those things on the joy list? Everyday do at least one thing more.  Everyday do one thing less on your ‘ick’ list – outsource, hire a cleaner, accountant, eat out… whatever it is each day, one thing less.
  3. Write a list of the people you totally LOVE to spend time with, try seeing at least 2 of them in the next few days.  Those people who you walk away from thinking: ‘life is fabulous’.  These people give permission for our greatness to shine and therefore are key to feeling fantastic and to achieving what we are meant for! Do the things and see the people that inspire you.
  4. Get clear and get honest about what you want.  Write it down – communicate it to people.  Once you start you will be amazed how small miracles begin to take place leading you towards reaching it.  Also get clear on what is preventing you from getting there.  We have become slaves to systems and it doesn’t have to be like that.  Systems were put in place to support us, let them do that, do not be limited by them.  You do not have to work in business before you set up your own, you do have to take 25 years to get to the top, for your own life, my dears, write your own rules. If you have that feeling, the desire for more, get clear on what it is you desire and and go for it, today, now. Trust it.  BE yourself, in your brilliance, don’t be held back.
  5. Seek to create, not to compete.  You are unique.  I am unique.  We are all unique so let’s use it.  Those things you have done that are different, be proud of them, communicate them with pride and be clear in your mind the benefit of having done them.  Seek not to compete with men but to balance, to support in all your feminine glory.  I worked in the City (London) for 5 years, the only woman on a team of 8, I often billed more than the rest but it destroyed me and left me exhausted and an emotional wreck.  I had to become a man to be in that environment, an environment created by men for men.  Well, no more.  I have far more success now that I commit to being myself and of course I support men, totally, and women,  but I am doing it from my unique brilliance, using tools I have picked up along the way, every single one, is useful.  The feeling is phenomenal – my work, a total revitalizing pleasure.
  6. Just be you – being is underrated.  You are enough as you are, today. Take a moment and notice what is going on around you and within you.  You have the answers for yourself, trust them.  As Mr Einstein said,

The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

So get back in touch with that intuition and listen to it, then yes, by all means use the head to make it happen.

There you go – 6 Tips To Help You Be Brilliant.  By following these you will notice your potential no longer feels capped and you begin to live, being brilliant.  If you have enjoyed this and/or would like support in getting to the bottom of your brilliance, I invite you to connect with me directly on lucia@lucialabouchere.com – I would love to hear from you and offer you a 30 minute complimentary career consultation. Also please visit my website lucialabouchere.com

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Lucia Labouchere

Lucia is an independent performance coach and career consultant. She runs bespoke programmes that help business leaders and budding entrepreneurs to become clear on what their unique offering is and how it can serve them. She helps build momentum and direction in careers and lives so that her clients can enjoy a greater sense of purpose, more success and be truly inspirational. She works predominantly via Skype and is based between Italy, the UK and Malawi.