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6 Twitter Chats for the Career Girl Entrepreneur

Posted August 30, 2013 by Lisa Granshaw in Networking Buzz

Ever since I started my own small business this summer, I’ve become more involved in the entrepreneur community online. It’s been a great way to connect with fellow Career Girls who have either been entrepreneurs for years or are just starting out like me. One of my favorite ways to meet people and get advice is participating in weekly Twitter chats. These cover a wide range of helpful topics and allow you to connect with the moderators as well as other people participating.

Here are 6 Twitter chats that every Career Girl entrepreneur should try taking part in.

1. #YFEchat

This chat is run by Young Female Entrepreneurs, an online network that connects women entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s. It takes place every Thursday at 9pm ET and is a great place to chat about how to start and grow a business.

2. #BlogChat

If you plan to have a blog as part of your business website, then you need to join this Twitter chat. Each Sunday at 9pm ET it covers a different professional, business, or personal blogging topic.

3. #PinChat

Pinterest is increasingly becoming a helpful tool for your career. As an entrepreneur, there are a number of ways to leverage the virtual pinboard site for your business. This chat held every Wednesday at 9 pm ET is a great place to discuss how you can best use the social network.

4. #U30pro

This may be another chat geared towards younger entrepreneurs (those under 30 this time) but all ages are welcome to participate. They cover all topics related to young professionals, including starting your own business. The chat takes place every Thursday at 7pm ET.

5. #MyBlogGuest

If you plan to accept guest bloggers on your website or if you want to guest blog to spread the word about your business, this is a great chat to ask any questions you may have about the process. Join in every Thursday at 11am ET.

6. #CareerGirlChat

This chat is hosted by our very own Career Girl Network. It takes place every Tuesday at 8pm ET and covers a wide range of topics that are helpful to anyone starting a business. What better place to ask questions about being a women entrepreneur than in a chat hosted by so many experienced female-driven organizations?

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Lisa Granshaw is a freelance writer and career consultant based in New York City. Her company, Media Career Consulting LLC, offers a variety of consulting services to young professionals interested in a career in the media and communications industry. She began her career as a NBC Page, worked as a production assistant at Nightly News with Brian Williams, and was a producer and writer for the TODAY Show's website. Her work has appeared on The Daily Dot, TODAY.com, Parents.com, Vetstreet, Blastr, and more.