7 Stylish Winter Must-Haves

Posted December 21, 2012 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
As soon as it’s cold enough that you can see your breath, I can count on repeated phone calls from my mother asking whether I’m bundled up. I’ve learned over the years that these calls are for my own good.  There is nothing chic or stylish about a being sick or having a runny nose. Whether you are visiting  family & friends during the holidays or heading to the office, make sure to stay warm and incorporate these stylish Winter Must-Haves into your wardrobe.

 1.) Scarf — Pile it high around your neck to keep the brisk air at bay.

2.) Gloves — Find warm gloves with stylish details or embellishments to keep your fingers toasty.

DSC056173. ) Sweater — Add instant warmth to a not-so-warm outfit with a cozy sweater. Layer over shirts for added protection from the cold.

GIRLS OFF FIFTH4.) Tights — If you enjoy wearing skirts and dresses as much as I do and want to make sure your legs don’t freeze in the cold, check out these tights that claim to be warmer than pants!

5.) Boots — Winter boots don’t have to be shapeless and dull. Try chic boots for slushing through the snow and stylish “wellies” for the rain.

6.) Sweatshirt — The range of stylish sweatshirts right now are endless. Add one to your favorite pair of jeans or skirt for an instantly warm, chic look.

7.) Knit Hat — Blistering winds can mess up you hair. Why not cover up your ears and your head with a stylish knit hat?




Uniqlo Tights
H&M Booties
A|Wear knit shawl
Kate Spade Gloves

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