A Memo to the Male Gender

Posted September 21, 2009 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five
There’s no denying Madmen has infiltrated society – and not a moment too soon, if I do say so myself. In a world where men have begun to think Affliction and Ed Hardy t-shirts equal “dressing up,” it’s so nice to have men like Roger Sterling and Don Draper to set the right kind of example for men in America.
While I wouldn’t condone their philandering, I certainly wouldn’t kick either one of these men out of my bed.
So here’s this week’s memo to the male gender: dress it up every now and again, boys. Take a page from the style of the Madison Avenue men – flat front, not pleated pants (hate to beat a dead horse), thin ties, great shoes with socks to match, and the only accessory any man needs – cufflinks.
Take a page out of the Madmen book, boys, and you’ll have no problem finding a woman to match. Although in this day and age, I can’t guarantee she’ll be able to cook like Betty Draper, a man who looks like Roger Sterling will definitely find a sex-pot like Joanie to share his nights.

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