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A Truly Innovative and Awesome Way to Organize Your Tasks

Posted February 25, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

The photo above was taken last Saturday at TEDx Windy City in Chicago. If you’re not familiar with TEDx, it is the local version of the famed TED conference. My husband and I bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale, as we’re BIG fans of TED. Brandy Agerback, pictured in the photo above, kicked off the day, and her speech was one of my favorites of the bunch. Brandy is a “graphic facilitator” and while I love love loved her, it’s safe to say her brain and mine don’t work the same. She loves images, I love words. She loves instructions that come with video and pictures, I’d prefer the kind with pages and pages of paragraphs on “how to.”

But in the photo above, our brains met and I became enthralled with Brandy’s process of creating her own to-do lists. You can see in the left hand side of the photo a flipchart with a series of post it notes. Here’s what Brandy suggests you do with her post-it note to-do list:

  • When you’re drowning in tasks, don’t make a list. Instead, first, make a list of your projects. Then, color code them.
  • Once you’ve decided which color post-it corresponds with each project, use those color coded projects and put every individual task for each project on a single post-it note of its specific color.
  • Arrange all of the tasks together on a flip chart like the one above.
  • The next important step in this process is something you may not be able to see on the flip chart above. There is a line at the top of the flip chart. This is where you put immediate tasks. So when you’re ready to get tasks accomplished, put them above this line and make that line your priority.
  • Finally, and here’s my favorite part, when you’re done with a task, don’t throw away the post-it note, instead put an X through it and line up the “done” notes on the right side of the chart. This way, you’re keeping track of what you’ve accomplished.

I know where all of the multiple colored post-its in my desk will be this week! Hanging out on a flip chart. It’s a phenomenal way to think through tasks! Thanks, Brandy!

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