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Excuses, be gone! Once and for all

Posted May 8, 2014 by Abby McDonald in On the Ladder
So you’ve got a presentation to do first thing in the morning Career Girl.

You’ve been working your butt off on this project for a couple of weeks, getting all your ducks in order, crossing all your T’s, dotting all your I’s and then Wham!  Your computer crashes, because your cat sat on the keyboard while you’re working.

Totally a freak accident, a cosmic disturbance of sorts, unexplainable beyond comprehension, totally not your fault, but guess what?

Nobody cares, they’re only interested in you getting it done.

I know, it sucks but it’s true 🙁

I once worked on a consulting project for a client and what a world class company.  You could just see the congruency of their values, mission statement, and service all aligned.  Go figure — they made the Forbes list of one of the best companies to work for.

True leadership at it’s finest.

One of the things that caught my attention in their mission statement is “Own the Outcome”.  I read it and thought, beautiful, how empowering!  And it’s true, we must own the outcome of our lives – we are totally responsible.

Now don’t get me wrong, stuff happens, not everything is our fault. 

In fact, there are seasons in life that can be so intense and adverse to the point that you think there is this massive conspiracy going on to sabotage you and take you down.

Been there, done that!

But we must find the courage to keep pressing and deliver amidst the obstacles in our way.  That is the test of a true supernova, empress.  No Excuses!

I’ve often believed that children can teach us so much about follow through and doing what you’ve gotta’ do.  For example, when your child has to go to karate class at 6pm on Thursdays, your child does not care that your boss blasted you at the office for doing a crappy, job on your presentation in front of your co workers I might add.

Your child, is determined to make that karate class so that he can hang out with his best friend, Billy and is expecting you to get him there on time.  No Excuses!

And I guess we can all take a lesson from this that we really do have the power to get stuff done.  Especially when we’re uber clear on our “Why” we become so fiercely, focused that the obstacles must step aside, oh yes, because the job must get done.

So let’s all join in together chanting No Excuses as a mantra in honor of staying true to our dreams, values, and commitments.

About the Author

Abby McDonald

Abby McDonald knows what it’s like to live life fiercely and courageously. She started out her Career in the Financial Services Industry 17 years ago with the intent of becoming a Trader only to be fired to her dismay. Through a lot of soul searching she stumbled upon the Executive Search business 13 years ago, while successfully running her own firm for the past 6 years called Dynamic Synergy Group Inc. Abby McDonald has coached and interviewed many people over the years and has developed a love and passion for helping women to discover who they “Really Are” in both their Life & Career. Her latest business venture is www.talkwithabby.com a spiritually infused, inspirational site offering Life & Career coaching services as well as providing a platform for Advice for those who seek it.