About CGN

Career Girl Network: What’s In a Name?

We are asked often the reasoning behind choosing the word “Girl” instead of the word woman or even female in the name “Career Girl Network.” The answer, for us, is simple. We are “Career Girl” because our goal is to remind career driven women what you really want for your career.

Think back to when you were a girl….

  • Did you picture yourself standing in front of a high rise building with a briefcase in hand?
  • Did you imagine yourself operating on a sick child as a medical doctor?
  • Did you watch courtroom dramas and put your siblings on trial?
  • Did you play “house” every day and dream of being a mother?

Chances are, you had many dreams as a girl, some of which have come to fruition and others you may have forgotten. Whatever those dreams were, they made you a “Career Girl.” We seek to harness those girlhood hopes, dreams, and ambitions…before we were too busy, before we were too tired, when all we wanted was to change the world. Girl power still exists…at any age!