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Posted December 14, 2010 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

It’s 6:22am and I am at Starbucks. Why, you might ask? Because I realized it was important for my relationship for me to be at Starbucks at 6:22am. Huh?

In Minneapolis, Twitter Guy and I ate breakfast together almost every morning. We got up at about the same time, we got ready for work together, ate breakfast together and I drove him to work on my way to my office. Obviously being that he leaves the house at 6am in Chicago and I’m “funemployed”, I don’t need to get up with him. I usually roll out of bed between 7 and 7:30, just enough time to get in a good workout before Oprah starts at 9am and then I start my “work day.”

But I realized our relationship could use a little bit of our old “normal” routine. So knowing I had an 8am meeting at Starbucks, I rolled myself out of bed with Twitter Guy when his alarm went off at 5am, made him a breakfast of eggs, ropa and toast and had a nice little chat as we walked the three blocks to the Metra station where he departs. I then continued just a block further to my regular post here at Starbucks.

And though it’s now 6:25am, I am energized and happy and ready for my day. Why? Because in a world where everything is new and changing, sometimes what you really need is a little bit of what was once normal.

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