Choosing Our Friends Wisely

Posted April 28, 2014 by Amanda Boleyn in Life After Five

We are the sum of our 5 closest friends we surround ourselves with.

Think about your group of friends you surround yourself with. Think about the way they talk, the topics they discuss, their spending habits, what kinds of food the chose to consume, their drinking behaviors down to the way they structure their lives. If their behaviors and habits align with where you are and more importantly where you want to be then it lends to your favor. 

The outcome and quality of our life is determined based on two most influential factors; one, the environment that we chose to live in, which includes the people we surround ourselves with and the conscious choices we make each day.

Steven Covey said,

Begin with the end in mind.

It directly applies to asking ourselves, “Where do I want to be and what type of people do I want to surround myself with to get there?” When we can clearly define our end goal it allows us to create clarity in our minds and identify the characteristics that will help us achieve our own definition of success.

Ask yourself the following questions about your circle of influence:

  • Do they challenge me?
  • What are their aspirations in life?
  • How does their drive for success in life compare to mine?
  • How accountable are they?

The goal is first, determine what we want in our lives, secondly, identify characteristics of people needed for that and thirdly, make a conscientious effort to surround ourselves with those types of people.

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