Anatomy of A Power Outfit

Posted April 5, 2013 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
The Power Outfit


Every Career Girl needs that go-to outfit that makes her feel confident and chic. Whether it’s a big presentation, a meeting with clients, or a discussion with your boss, make sure you have a “Power Outfit” for those important career moments. Your power outfit can include a blazer, jeans, or  a bold accessory that makes you feel and look great.  My personal go-to power outfit usually incorporates a  dress.  I’ll wear a black sheath dress, black mid heel pumps, a black shoulder bag and a statement accessory. I know what your thinking “that’s a lot of black.” I’m not sure what it is but black makes me feel confident and put together (or it could be that I feel very slim in black).

Not all power outfits have to be the same, some can be dressy, casual, trendy, or bold. If it makes you bring your “A” game and  you feel comfortable in your own skin, then you have the foundation of a quality power outfit.  Here are my tips for putting together your own unique power outfit:

  • Pick what works for you. If you’re a jeans type of girl or only wear flats, there is a power outfit for you. Make sure the pieces  fit for your body and wear colors that work for you. Red is a great power color, but not everyone feels confident in this shade.


  • Pick functionality and fashion. I’ve always heard that powerful women wear a watch. Although I don’t wear one everyday, I have a couple of classic watches that I love to include in my power outfits.  If a watch is not your thing, your cell phone and ipad case can be a functional and stylish accessory.


  • Pick quality shoes that you can walk in.  I have some trendy heels that I could never wear to work for the fear that I would fall in them. There is nothing worse that wearing shoes that you can barely walk in to an important meeting. Invest in a quality pair because it’s hard to concentrate and focus if you’re not comfortable in the shoes you’re wearing.

What items are in your perfect  power outfit?


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Baaba Grant-Acquah

Baaba Grant-Acquah is a fashion stylist, blogger and corporate client manager. She is a curator of style and knows where to find the perfect pieces for any wardrobe. She is continually inspired by her clients and truly enjoys the process of providing creative solutions to fit her client's needs.