Ann Curry Exits Today Show

Posted June 28, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Leaders We Adore

After weeks of speculation, Ann Curry finally made the announcement today that she is leaving her position as co-anchor on the Today Show. She tells viewers in this video that NBC has given her a “fancy new title” and that she’ll be reporting more journalistically on hard hitting news rather than sitting in the anchor seat.

For all intents and purposes, it’s safe to say Ann Curry was fired. But strangely enough, fired doesn’t quite cut it. Demoted? Remoted? Reallocated? Whatever it is, it’s difficult to watch. This woman spent her life in line for a job, and when she finally got it, it’s short lived. While my heart goes out to her, I hope this transition is all for the best. When examining her time at the Today Show, co-hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker talked about Ann’s work on Hurricane Katrina and in the Iran hiker controversy. Clearly her strength is in serious journalism, and not necessarily the morning fluff that sometimes fills the Today Show’s schedule.

Grace under pressure – that’s what she looked like this morning. And here at Career Girl Network, we commend her and look forward to her future reporting for NBC.

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