Appropriate Heel Heights for Office Wear

Posted April 4, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
One of my favorite bloggers, Capitol Hill Style, recently answered a question I’m asked regularly – how high is too high for heels at work? What was Belle’s answer? Four inches is the absolute cutoff. But even more than answering the question, she provided an incredibly illustrative photo to show you the key to why more than four inches is just too high.


(Image thanks to Capitol Hill Style)

In addition to Belle’s great advice, we’re giving you a few more tips on appropriate heels in the office.

  • Avoid exposed platforms, which can easily take a shoe from day to night. For instance, take a look at the two black peep toe pumps below. The pump on the left, though you may not realize it, is actually a higher heel height (3.75″) than the one on the right (3.5″). The exposed platform of the shoe on the right makes it too high for the workplace, though.


  • Color matters! Unless you’re working in a very conservative environment, wearing colored heels is usually appropriate. However, when it comes to color, you’re going to want to err on the side of a lower heel. The higher the heel, the louder the shoe, especially when it’s a bright color. Take a look at the two bright pink pumps below. The shoe on the left is a 4.25″ heel, and is far too loud and too high for the office. The shoe on the right, however, the same color and patent leather, is a 3.25″ heel and is much more office appropriate.


A big thanks to Belle and Capitol Hill Style for inspiring this post. Heel height is a fine line in the business world. We hope this advice helps you walk the line a bit more professionally.

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