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Apps You Should Download to Make Your Life Easier This Week

Posted February 27, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz

By now, you all know I’m addicted to Apps. I’ve told you about apps that will save you time, apps that will increase your security, and apps that make your phone just a happier and better place. I consider it my duty to inform Career Girls of the world of the new downloads you simply must have. That’s why I was excited when Mashable, the end all be all of app recommenders, gave us “The Next Generation of iPhone Productivity Apps is Here.

My new favorite? Any.DO:

Any.DO launched its sleek to-do list app on iPhone in mid-2012, but it was an update to the app this week that really caught my attention. After tracking how its user base — now in the millions — engaged with the app, the Any.DO team realized that user engagement drops off if they create a giant to-do list because it becomes too much to tackle. With that in mind, Any.DO released Moment, a daily reminder that prompts the user to take a moment to schedule the tasks on their list for that day.

“One of the things we learned is that in order for people to be really productive, they need to change task management into a habit,” Omer Perchik, founder and CEO of Any.DO, told Mashable in a previous interview. “We have a lot of users who create this everlasting list of all the things they need to do and once they get to a number of tasks that is just to much, they never look back. A long list is not very actionable and kind of frustrating.”

At first, I thought this kind of daily notification might feel like an accusation: here are all the things you keep saying you’ll get done, but don’t. However, Any.DO designed the feature with friendly colors and a friendly greeting (“Good day, Seth. Take a moment to plan your day.”) After using this for a few days, I’ve found that the Any.DO Moment is like a moment of Zen. I start out my day with a plan and feel that much more in control of what’s coming up.

No word yet if this baby will replace my beloved Clear, but I’m loving the “Today” “Tomorrow” “Upcoming” and “Someday” options to tag your to-do’s. Pretty awesome.

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