Are You Sabotaging Your Own Health Goals? STOP!

Posted February 11, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Actress and activist Marilu Henner recently wrote in an article for the Chicago Sun Times’ Splash section about her plight to get healthy back in 1979. She says:

Becoming a healthy, fit person is much easier now than it was when I started getting healthy in 1979. Back then, there were no food labels, no healthy fast food, no health food aisles in mainstream grocery stores and no access to information about alternative medicine. Today, there’s really no excuse for not being as healthy as we can be.

She’s right, right? There are so many ways to get healthy, stay healthy, and so many places to buy healthy food in today’s world. Why, then, is our world so unhealthy? Obesity runs rampant in our children and adults, and as someone who has constantly fought her own weight, I wonder myself – with so many healthy options around us, why can’t we make the right decisions? I think Marilu hit the nail on the head when she says it might just be that we’re self-sabotaging.

Self-sabotage is the method we use to set ourselves up to fail. It’s the excuse we give when we want to blame our failure on something or someone else. It’s the reason we bail on our New Year’s resolutions long before January ends. The key to success is understanding that self-sabotage can be controlled — and that once the urge for failure is conquered, our goals can be achieved.

Are you afraid of success in your health and fitness life? Could it be that’s what’s holding you back from achieving your goals? Do we have the urge for failure?

Check out more of Marilu’s amazing advice on how to conquer emotional eating, the fear of success, and the fear of failure in her Splash article by clicking here.

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