Attitude Adjustments: They’re Not Just for Teenagers

Posted June 25, 2013 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
When I was 16, my father gave me a bookmark with the word “Attitude” on it. The bookmark was an acronym, with every letter of the word “Attitude” representing something related to the word. And while I don’t remember clearly what each letter stood for, I remember vividly what it meant when he gave it to me. #1 – that I was a 16 year old who had an attitude and #2 – that changing my attitude could change everything.

I won’t lie, that wasn’t the last day I ever mouthed off or showed some ‘tude to my father, but it was a changing day and a learning day in my life in that it taught me the importance of the idea that you, and your attitude, can change your own life circumstances. Recently, I’ve had my own encounter with a teenager filled with a lot of attitude, and soon after that, an adult filled with a lot of attitude, and I thought to myself, “Hey, this attitude thing isn’t just advice for crabby teenagers!”

But instead of lecturing you on changing your attitude, I’m showing you. Check out a few of my favorite quotes, sayings, and visual representations of what it might mean to change your attitude and….change your life.


I hope you’ll take this attitudinal changes into your daily life and think less about your results and more about the attitude that gets them!

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