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10 Fabulous Fall Jackets

Looking to stay chic and keep warm in the falling fall temps?  A fabulous fall jacket is a must. Whether you’re into trends or like the classics try one of these 10 fabulous fall jackets.

Woman in Blazer

Blazer Season: 5 Splurge Worthy Fall Blazers

Never underestimate the power of a good blazer. A great fitting blazer can be a Career Girl’s best friend. This fall is the perfect time to invest in a chic blazer you’ve been eyeing. It can be dressed up for that b...


3 Ways to Wear Plaid This Fall

  Plaid doesn’t have to be the regular green and red combo we associate with holidays, or the LOUD print of your dad’s favorite flannel shirt. Instead: think chic, sophisticated, and modern. Here are 3 different wa...


10 Effortlessly Stylish Workwear Dresses

  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the dress is my favorite workwear item! It’s the perfect instant outfit, just add accessories to style it to your liking. I keep several styles in my workwear wa...


Make a Statement: 5 Bold Boardroom Looks

  I’ve always admired successful business women, not just for the ability to climb the corporate ladder but for their impeccable style and confidence. It’s one thing to buy a great outfit, but it takes a strong...

Your Perfect Work Outfit for Fall

It can be a bit stressful picking out a stylish outfit each day for work. Here are 4 steps to create the perfect work outfit for fall. First start with a sweater, it can be chunky, fitted or loose. A sweater is perfect for the ...


10 Stylish Back to School Essentials

Whether you’re headed back to school or just interested in back to school shopping. Here are 10 Stylish Back to School Essentials. Basic Button-Up: This versatile staple can be thrown over or under almost any top and can ...


4 Tips to Find the Perfect Pencil Skirt

  Every Career Girl needs a perfect pencil skirt in her wardrobe. It’s the perfect piece for the office and can be dressed up or down depending on your style. Finding the perfect pencil skirt can be a challenge so he...


How to Wear Pastels for Fall

I know what you’re thinking, “Pastels for fall?” Absolutely! Many think pastels are only meant for summer and spring but you can definitely wear pastels in the fall. Incorporate this look into your fall wardro...


Fall into Fashion: 6 Splurge Worthy Pieces for Fall

I can’t believe that fall is just around the corner, its seems like summer just started. Although I refuse to believe that summer is almost over, I’m definitely preparing for my fall splurges. Fall is a perfect time...