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Summer Dresses for Work

3 Tips on How to Wear Summer Dresses to Work

  The one thing I love more than summer sandals, are summer dresses.  When the weather gets scorching hot, I love throwing on an easy breezy summer dress. When it comes to wearing summer dresses to work, here are 3 tips t...


10 Great Spring & Summer Jackets Under $150

If you looking for a great item to layer over your Spring & Summer dress, tanks &  blouses, and you’re tired of wearing the same cardigans, try a a lightweight jacket.  My favorite jacket for Spring & Summer...

Pencil Skirt

1 Item 3 Ways: The Pencil Skirt

Has your pencil skirt and blouse combo got you in a rut? This pencil skirt from J Crew is flexible and stylish. Pair it with the right accessories for instant updates. Here are 3 ways to wear this chic skirt:      

Mother's Day Gifts

Chic Accessories That Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is a great time to finalize your Mother’s Day gifts.  Chic accessories can make great gifts for any mother. My mother is my fashion icon and I definitely get my sense o...

ankle pants

Stylish Ankle Pants You Can Wear to Work

If you’re bored with your everyday classic dress pants, try a pair of ankle pants. One of my favorite items to wear when the weather gets warm are a pair of stylish ankle pants. I prefer a slim fit and a length that hits...

Creative Industry

What to Wear to Work in a Creative Industry

Although I have an educational background in business, I’ve always wanted to work in a creative industry. Since my friends & family work in various creative industries, I enjoy hearing about their experiences and love...


3 Spring Wardrobe Tips that will put a Spring in your Step

Now is the time when you start transitioning from your Winter to Spring wardrobe. If you work in a conservative office environment, you may stick to suits in blue, black and grey but if you’re in a more casual office envi...


Career Girl Weekend Wear: The Maxi Dress 3 Ways

Even though it’s the weekend, the Career Girl’s work is never done. If you’re lucky enough to have the weekends off from work, you’re probably still busy doing all the things you couldn’t get done ...

The Power Outfit

Anatomy of A Power Outfit

  Every Career Girl needs that go-to outfit that makes her feel confident and chic. Whether it’s a big presentation, a meeting with clients, or a discussion with your boss, make sure you have a “Power Outfit”...


3 Tips on How to Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe

I’ll admit, I’m a serious planner. I plan almost every part of my day. I even make plans to plan (if that makes any sense). Although I may not plan out my outfits everyday, I do plan what items I’m going to ad...