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Natural energy boosters without caffeine

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally, without Caffeine

If you’re like me, you’re really sensitive to the effects of caffeine. One cup of coffee or shot of espresso and your sleep is disturbed for days. Or perhaps you’ve used so much caffeine in your worklife that you’re imm...

Sitting on a stability ball at your desk at work

Sitting Is Bad for You: Now What Do You Do?

By this point, I thought the news that sitting was bad for your health was old, old, old. Everyone I know, at some point in the last few years, has posted a Photoshopped photo stating that “Sitting Is the New Smoking.” So I...

Top 3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Top 3 Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Everyone wants to tell you 10 ways to put the winter blues to bed. But 10 seems like just too many to remember when these simple 3 are so effective. Not only are these methods supported by science, they’ve been tried and test...