Avoiding “Blue” Mondays

Posted August 6, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

Confession: I am addicted to Gallup polls. I love surveys. I love polls. I love analytical data connected to people. It makes me excited. What I love most about Gallup polls is that they’re full of “no shit, Sherlock” moments. Sometimes so much so you want to stop reading the poll. But then you find a piece of data that truly turns your head sideways and makes you go “hmmmm.”

Gallup’s most recent “no shit, Sherlock” moment came with their article “Mondays Not So “Blue” for Engaged Employees.” Among the “ummmm, really, I had no idea” moments included were the following:

  • “Employees whose work or workplace is less engaging or disengaging experience a significant downgrade in mood going from weekends to weekdays.” Gee, whiz, Gallup. Who knew? If you’re disengaged, you’ll probably like Saturday and Sunday better than Monday.
  • “For engaged workers, learning and doing something interesting peaks during weekdays.” So what you’re saying is, people who like their jobs actually learn at them? No way!
  • “Engaged workers are involved in and enthusiastic about their work and contribute positively to their organization.” Wow. No idea about this one. If you were engaged in your job, you’d contribute! Holy cow.

Of course, you sense some sarcasm here. But this is where it ends. Because one piece of data from this study actually truly shocked me.

All Workers Feel More Stressed Out During Workweek

Despite their resilient positivity, even engaged workers aren’t immune to increased stress during the workweek. All workers, regardless of how engaged they are in their job, are more likely to report worry and stress and less likely to say they feel well-rested on weekdays compared with weekends.

% Who Say they experienced stress yesterday

The moral of this story may be hard to find. If we’re engaged or disengaged, we still feel the same stress mid-week? Well, damnit, why should I get engaged? Here’s why. Everybody hates Wednesdays, but engaged workers don’t hate Mondays quite as much. So get engaged. It will give you one more day a week you’re happy and content. Worth it? Sure.

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